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PCByte Service Centre

We are here to help

Having trouble with your product and requiring IT support and repair services? You’re in luck! We’ve got you covered with a range of support services for you to choose from. 

We at PCByte are committed to providing top-quality IT repairs and support services for our customers. Our team of technicians is trained with knowledge, experience,

and skills to meet all your service needs. We understand that your time is valuable and would recommend scheduling an appointment with our Customer

and Services Support team here to avoid any disappointments!

Please see a list of our services below

System Diagnostics 

Price starting from $29. 

Our team of technicians here at PCByte will be more than happy to assist you with running a system diagnostics service on your computer to test the system if you feel that something appears to be wrong. The team will diagnose the exact problem areas ranging from corruption with the hard drive to problems with conflicting programs and provide the best solution for you!

Repair Services

Price starting from $29. 

Our Repair Service is a process of identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving problems and issues with your faulty devices. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting your devices to work when you need it the most. So if you ever encountered an unexpected problem with your devices, bring it over to PCByte to find a solution with our team of expert technicians! 

Note: No additional charges or fees are applied without prior discussion with you. 

Hardware Installation 

Price starting from $69. 

Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer and these are the primary electronic devices used to build up a computer. We at PCByte offer Hardware Installation service where the process of having new pieces of hardware installed, configured and tested on your computer to ensure it is working perfectly. We aim to provide you with peace of mind so that you may be able to enjoy more good years of life on your devices!

Software Installation

Price starting from $49.

Software is a collection of instructions, procedures, or programs that perform different tasks on a computer. It can also be a programming code that is executed on your computer’s processor. Installing Softwares onto your computer is relatively easy with a few quick clicks on your cursor but difficulties may still suffice. Our team here at PCByte will be able to install it for you and to take extra precautions to ensure there are no bugs or viruses on the newly installed software.

Data Recovery

Price starting from $299. 

Despite the growing reliability of storage devices, chances of data being lost can still occur. Human errors, software corruption, hardware failures, and more can lead to data loss. Luckily, information stored on the digital medium is almost always retrievable! If you can’t seem to access the data on your computer or storage device, we’re here to help! We at PCByte offer data recovery services to assist you with recovering valuable and important files.

Motherboard Chip Repairs

Price starting from $259. 

Have you discovered that your computer stopped working or an error code appears when switched on? There may be many factors that contribute to that and one of them may be a glitch or a circuit blow with the motherboard chip. Here at PCByte, we offer the best price available to service and repair any damaged motherboard chips for you to get your computer/laptop up and running once more!

Water Damages Service 

Free Quotes. 

If you have accidentally spilled water over your device but it is still working fine? Bring it over to PCByte and we will go through a thorough examination for any internal liquid damage to your device and its components. This is to determine if it will cause further issues in the long-run. If required, we will provide a quote for the necessary repairs with your device. 

Don’t see anything you’re looking for? Feel free to hit us up by submitting your inquiry here. Let us help you sort out any IT related frustrations you have today!

Peace Of Mind

Rest assured, we at PCByte offer the best in choice of hardware, great prices, and amazing after sales service

Complimentary Troubleshooting

We’ll take a look at what’s the issue with your device, absolutely free. No hidden charges, with a service quote priced so well, you’d instantly say “yes”.

No Fix, No Fee!

If we can’t fix it, you won’t have to pay it. Not a single cent for your laptop repair or computer repair until we have your issue fixed.

Expertise Guarantee

Our repair centre has some of the most experienced IT personnel on board to solve any of your IT problems.

3-Months Free Online Support

That’s right! For every repair service done with us, we’ll be offering 3 months of free online support to better assist you with any mishaps along the way.

Easily Accessible

Open five days a week, we’re just a few doors away. Search for us, and your friendly neighbourhood computer service centre could just be right around the corner.